• Defining client's refrigeration needs and demands

  • Gearing refrigeration with other activities within the company’s business process

  • Basic design and scope specifications

  • Request and evaluation of quotations and/or contractors, recommendation at contracting stage

  • Supervision during the realisation of the project (assembly and commissioning)

  • Assisting clients in various aspects related to the use of the installation, such as:

    • environmental licences/permits

    • subsidies

    • examination / re-examination

    • maintenance

    • optimisation of installation and energy consumption

    • phasing-out of freon 22 (as from 01.01.2010)

Expertise / Mediation

  • Analysis and solutions in case of problems with the existing installations

  • Mediation between user (owner) and supplier (contractor) in case of disputes and/or problems with the installations

  • Independent expertise in case of calamities such as damage to the installation due to fire, accidents etc.

Freelance for contractors and engineering companies

  • Preliminary design and cost calculation,

  • Detailed design

  • Supervision during assembly and commissioning