Costs will be charged on the basis of subsequent calculation, according to rates agreed in advance. Invoicing will take place every two weeks according to actual costs incurred.

If requested the scope of the activities and budget can be roughly estimated in advance, based on client's information. During the implementation stage the client will be regularly informed about costs made and the remaining budget. If necessary the scope and the budget can be adjusted in consultation with the client.

All services rendered are subject to the “Legal relationship client–architect, engineer and consultant DNR 2005” of Royal Institute of Dutch Architects BNA and ONRI (Dutch Organization of Consulting Engineers), deposited on the 5th of October 2004 at the Court of Justice in Amsterdam under number 139/2004.


Download DNR 2005 (EN)



Hourly rate is depending on the nature of work (engineering level);

  • Consultancy & design
  • 100% of the normal rate
  • Expertise / Mediation
  • 125% of the normal rate
  • Trouble shooting
  • 150% of the normal rate
  • Travelling by train or plane
  • 75% of the normal rate
  • Travelling by car
  • 100% of the normal rate
  • Travel; expenses car
  • 0,53 € /km

    All rates are excluding VAT, hotel and/or travel expenses (train and/or plane tickets), variable costs such as translations, photographs and drawings, levies, appeal costs, recommendations of third parties and all external costs.