2006 - 2009 Karlovačka Pivovara (Heineken), Karlovac (CRO) Brewery, various modifications of NH3 installation
  Ekro, Apeldoorn (NL) Slaughterhouse, various modifications of NH3 installation
  Vrieshuis Lagemaat, Nijkerk (NL) Deepfreeze storage 13.000 m3, NH3 installation 240 kW
  Braccamonte, Weesp (NL) Catering, various Freon installations, heat-pomp
1999 - 2006 Vrieshuis Lagemaat, Nijkerk (NL) Reconstruction / extension of deepfreeze storage, NH3 / CO2 installation 1,5 MW
  Pluimveeslachterij C. van Miert, Breukelen, (NL) Poultry slaughterhouse, reconstruction / extension of NH3 installation
  Mondi Foods, Rijkevorsel (B) Fruit processing, deepfreeze storage 110.000 m3, 1 MW
  PeKa Kroef, Odiliapeel (NL) Potato and vegetables processing, various adjustments / extensions NH3 installations
  Brink Pluimveeproducten, Zeewolde (NL) Poultry processing, various extensions NH3 DX installation
  Cold Store Blokland, Cuijk (NL) Deepfreeze storage, adjustments / extensions NH3 installation, automatic defrosting tunnel
  Frisland Foods (Riedel), Ede (NL) Soft drinks production, adjustments / extensions NH3 ice water installation
  Schering – Plough (form. Diosynth) Apeldoorn, Oss (NL) Pharmaceuticals, NH3 / glycol installation 482 kW resp. 730 kW
  Diepop Waalwijk BV, (NL) Deepfreeze storage, replacement R22 by NH3 / CO2 installation 1,5 MW
  Diepop Den Bosch BV, (NL) Deepfreeze storage, adjustments NH3 installation
  Coldstore Hengelo (NL) Deepfreeze storage, adjustments NH3 DX installation
  Denkavit France, Montreuil Bellay (F) Compound feed factory, NH3 /CO2 installation 420 kW (-40°C air-temperature)
  Meester Stegeman, Wijhe (NL) Meat processing, replacement R22 by NH3 / glycol installation
1998 - 1999 Douwe Egberts, Joure (NL) Coffee processing, freeze dry extracting process NH3 installation
  Vrumona BV Bunnik (NL) Soft drink production, NH3 ice-water installation
  Frico Cheese, Marum (NL) Cheese warehouse, air conditioning cheese maturing
  Nevcin Polymers, Uithoorn (NL) Chemical factory, NH3 / glycol installation process cooling
1994 - 1998 De Boer, Beilen (NL) Distribution centre, NH3 / glycol installation
  Verba Vlees, Scherpenzeel (NL) Meat processing, NH3 / glycol installation
  Diepvries Monnickendam (NL) Fish processing, extension of NH3 installation
  Brada Vlees, Leeuwarden (NL) Slaughterhouse, NH3 installation
  Sturko, Doetinchem (NL) Slaughterhouse, adjustments NH3 installation
1991 - 1994 Coberco Dairies, Deventer (NL) Dairy, extension NH3 ice-water installation
  Vion (form. Dumeco), Helmond (NL) Slaughterhouse, adjustments NH3 installation
  Ola Hellendoorn, (NL) Icefactory, extension NH3 installation
  Schering – Plough (form. Diosynth) Apeldoorn, (NL) Pharmaceuticals, NH3 / glycol installation 280 kW
  De Meent, Alkmaar, (NL) Ice skating rink, reconstruction NH3 installation
1989 - 1991 Vion (form. Dumeco), Helmond (NL) Slaughterhouse, NH3 installation
  Ekro, Apeldoorn (NL) Slaughterhouse, NH3 installation
  McCain Foods Holland (form. PolderFood), Lelystad (NL) French fries production plant, NH3 installation
  Tronox Botlek (form.Tiofine) (NL) Chemical factory, R22 / glycol chiller installation
1988 - 1989 Larry Powell (IR) Meat processing, R22 installation
  Hoeve, Apeldoorn (NL) Fruit / vegetables distribution, extension fruit storage